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Change log


  • Postgresstore schema change: data changed back to JSON to allow search

If you are updating from 0.3.x, you need to run a database migration or drop your existing data. The migration is pretty simple: list all rows in the store.links and store.evidences tables, deserialize the protobuf data and serialize it to JSON instead. You'll also need to change the column format from bytea to jsonb.


Added support for batch link creation. It is now possible to create multiple links atomically.


  • Repository was renamed to go-core
  • Chainscript has been moved to its own repository
  • Adding support for cloud queues in batch fossilizer
  • Added monitoring using the Elastic Stack (metrics and tracing)
  • Removed strat CLI and deprecated the agent programming model
  • Added support for outDegree
  • Added support for uniqueMapEntry
  • Various types refactoring
  • Postgresstore schema change: data is now a protobuf byte array
  • Governance early implementation


  • Updated to Tendermint 0.18.0
  • Repository was renamed to go-indigocore
  • Validation engine was refactored
    • A new PKI section allows users to define users who will take part in a process
    • Signature validation has been implemented
    • Transition validation has been implemented
    • Validation rules are now stored in (and loaded from) the store
  • Chainscript-related data structures have been improved
  • The Tendermint evidence can now be fully validated independently from the store
  • Monitoring has been added on the whole indigocore stack
  • Added new store implementation (Elasticsearch)
  • strat CLI is more interactive and easier to use
  • strat CLI features key generation (RSA, ECDSA, ED25519)
  • All stores are now compatible with fossilizers


  • Updated to Tendermint 0.13.0
  • Changed internal store interfaces to more clearly separate Links from their Meta
    • Links are always immutable and can be very easily stored on a blockchain
    • Segments' Meta (which contains mainly evidences) is mutable (since evidence can be added after the fact) and can be stored in a separate store
    • The exposed http interface has changed accordingly
  • Re-architectured notifications to use websockets and channels everywhere
  • Refactored internal types to operate as much as possible on Links
  • Refactored types for more consistency
  • A Segment can now reference existing Segments (even from other processes / maps)
  • Added new store implementations (Rethink, CouchDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Added fossilizers implementations (BTCFossilizer, BatchFossilizer)


  • Updated to Tendermint 0.11.1.


  • Updated to Tendermint 0.11.0.
  • Added basic segment schema based validation at the node level.
  • Added "multi-process" support:
    • Made field mandatory
    • Scoped all read requests by process
  • Updated FindSegments so that it filters by prevLinkHash and mapIDs
  • Changed strat update so that it updates both the CLI and generators.
  • Changed license back to Apache 2.
  • Switched to the dep package manager.
  • Made goroutines more predictable.
  • Fixed CI and tests.
  • Cleaned up command flags.
  • Cleaned logs.


  • Updated to Tendermint 0.9.0.
  • Improved Tendermint node stability.
  • Added batch support to stores.
  • Added key-values support to stores.
  • Cleaned error message stack trace.
  • Created homebrew formula.


  • Made single binary for Indigo node and Tendermint core.
  • Improved tmstore websocket.
  • Changed license to MPL-2.0.


  • Fixed tmstore didSave channel.


  • Added support for proof-of-process over a Tendermint blockchain network. Each node can use any of the available store adapters to save its data.
  • Added the filetmpop command, which is a Tendermint application that uses a filestore to save segments.
  • Added the tmstore command, which starts a store that communicates with a Tendermint network to save segments.
  • Added web sockets to stores.
  • Added a getenv function to generators so they can get the value of environment variables.


  • The strat command will now use standard flags, using the cobra library.
  • Added a --generators-path flag to strat to specify the location of the generators on the local file system. This makes it easier to develop generators.


  • Added a -stdin flag to all strat commands that execute scripts. It is set to false by default. If true, the standard input will be attached to the process executing the shell command. Hopefully this will fix strat test not working on Windows.


  • Reduced size of Docker images.
  • Improved Docker images security.
  • Locked Docker base images to specific versions.
  • Added a STRATUMN_CONFIG environment variable to override the default Stratumn configuration path.
  • Fixed strat generate trying to call init script if there is no project file.


  • Reset version to 0.0.1-dev.
  • Added the strat deploy command. It expects an environment name as the first argument, and will try to execute the deploy:{env} script of the project.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • The command strat update should now work properly even if temporary files are on a different file system.


  • The update mechanism for strat update should now work properly on all supported platforms.


  • strat update will now check the cryptographic signature of downloaded binaries.


  • All releases binaries are now signed.


  • Added strat command down that executes a project script that should stop running services.
  • Added strat command pull that executes a project script that should pull updates.
  • Added strat command push that executes a project script that should push updates.


  • Use logrus as the logger.


  • Fixed strat down:test not working.
  • Made strat support private Github repositories on repository commands via a flag or environment variable.


  • Added support for strat down:test script. This addition makes strat test execute a down:test script if present after the tests. It will handle the exit code properly.
  • Added ability for strat scripts to accept extra arguments. This change makes it possible to pass arguments (both flags and parameters) to a script when executing it.
  • Improved code documentation.


  • Scripts executed by strat can now be OS and architecture specific. It will look fist for a script named {name}:{os}:{arch}, then {name}:{os}, then {name}:{arch}, and finally {name}.
  • Added the strat build command that executes the build script of a project.


  • Scripts executed by strat are now passed to a shell instead of being executed directly. On*nix, the shell is sh. On Windows it is cmd (needs to be tested). This is to allow executing multiple commands in a script, for instance using &&.
  • Scripts executed by strat are now passed a working directory and can optionally return a success status if the script doesn't exist.
  • Project files stratumn.json can now specify an init script that will be executed after strat generate generates the project files.
  • Changed the way the CLI updates itself in order to make it work on Windows (hopefully). The old binary will be renamed instead of attempting to override it. If an old binary is found during launch, it will attempt to remove it (it will fail if it doesn't have the right permissions, but it will not stop execution of the command).
  • CLI and generators must now be updated separately using strat update and strat update -generators respectively. This is because the two operations might require different user permissions depending on the environment.
  • Added a -force flag to strat to force an update. This is mostly designed to test the update mechanism easily.
  • Added a function called secret to generator templates to create random strings.
  • Fixed an issue when updating generators.
  • Fixed an issue when downloading generators on Windows.
  • Fixed some Windows compatibility issues.
  • Fixed a problem when updating generators that would result in the generators not being saved to the correct directory.


  • Command strat update will now update the CLI. It will update to the latest published release by default, or the latest prerelease if -prerelease is set.
  • Command strat update will now update all known generators instead of just the default repository.
  • Generator repositories now refer to Github references (usually a branch) instead of release tags. This approach is more flexible and makes maintaining generators easier.
  • Commands strat up and strat test will now properly output errors.
  • Commands strat up and strat test will now properly handle user input.
  • Commands strat up and strat test will now shutdown cleanly and wait for the script to terminate.
  • Added command strat run script that executes a project script.
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