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Streamflow is a token vesting and streaming payments platform.

There are several ways to use Streamflow:

Security audit passed ✅

Protocol audits available here.
Partner oracle audit available here here.


API Documentation available here: docs site →

JS SDK to interact with Streamflow protocols

This repo consists of js-sdk to interact with several protocol exposed by streamflow:

  • packages/stream - core Streamflow Protocol that allows to create a vesting/payment/lock Stream to a Recipient;
  • packages/distributor - Distirbutor Streamflow Protocol that allows to Airdrop tokens to large amount of Recipients (thousands or even millions);
  • packages/common - common utilities and types used by Streamflow SDK;


Instal Stream Protocol SDK

npm i -s @streamflow/stream


yarn add @streamflow/stream

Install Distributor Protocol SDK

npm i -s @streamflow/common @streamflow/distributor


yarn add @streamflow/common @streamflow/distributor