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Awesome Open-Source Contribs for Apache Kafka


A curated list of awesome open-source frameworks, libraries, tools and examples for the Apache Kafka project.

Contributing to this project is easy!Just send a pull request and make the list growth!

Change Data Capture


CLI / Tools


  • kafka-gitops: Manage Apache Kafka topics and generate ACLs through a desired state file. Apache License 2.0

  • Jikkou: Tool to ease and automate Apache Kafka cluster configuration management. Apache License 2.0

  • kattlo: Kattlo gives a way to manage topics, ACLs, users, schemas, ksqlDB, employing a evolutionary configuration. Easy to understand, easy to write and easy to apply. Apache License 2.0

  • julie: An operational manager for Apache Kafka (Automation, GitOps, SelfService) MIT License



Kafka Connect

Kafka Streams


  • kloadgen: KLoadGen is kafka load generator plugin for jmeter designed to work with AVRO schema Registries. MPL 2.0




  • Kafka REST Proxy: Confluent REST Proxy for Kafka. Confluent Community License Agreement Version 1.0

  • Karapace: Karapace (Aiven) is the open source REST proxy you can run where you need it; drop-in replacement for Confluent REST Proxy. Apache License 2.0

  • Kafka Pixy: gRPC/REST proxy for Kafka. Apache License 2.0

  • Raccoon - Raccoon is a high-throughput, low-latency service to collect events in real-time from your web, mobile apps, and services using multiple network protocols and publish to Kafka.

  • Zilla - An API gateway built for event-driven architectures and streaming that supports standard protocols such as HTTP, SSE, gRPC, MQTT, and the native Kafka protocol.

Schema / Data

Security / ACL

Site Reliability Tools


UI/Cluster Management

  • AKHQ: Kafka GUI for Apache Kafka to manage topics, topics data, consumers group, schema registry, connect and more. Apache License 2.0

  • CMAK: CMAK (previously known as Kafka Manager) is a tool for managing Apache Kafka clusters.See below for details about the name change. Apache License 2.0

  • Kafdrop – Kafka Web UI: Kafdrop is a web UI for viewing Kafka topics and browsing consumer groups.The tool displays information such as brokers, topics, partitions, consumers, and lets you view messages. Apache License 2.0

  • Kafka Eagle: A easy and high-performance monitoring system, as well as offsets or metadata and other kafka information. Apache License 2.0

  • Kafkawize: Kafkawize : A Self service Apache Kafka Topic Management tool/portal.A Web application which automates the process of creating and browsing Kafka topics, acls, schemas by introducing roles/authorizations to users of various teams of an org. Apache License 2.0

  • klustr: Monitoring tool and graphic visualizer for Apache Kafka that helps you track key metrics about your cluster in real-time. MIT License

  • Remora: Kafka consumer lag-checking application for monitoring, written in Scala and Akka HTTP; a wrap around the Kafka consumer group command.Integrations with Cloudwatch and Datadog.Authentication recently added. MIT License

  • Kowl: Kowl is a modern Kafka Web UI for exploring Kafka messages, configurations and more with a focus on a good UI/UX. Written in Go & React. Apache 2.0 License

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