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The leading French start-up in event streaming.


  1. 🚀 Azkarra is a lightweight java framework to make it easy to develop, deploy and manage cloud-native streaming microservices based on Apache Kafka Streams.

    HTML 168 22

  2. 🔗 A multipurpose Kafka Connect connector that makes it easy to parse, transform and stream any file, in any format, into Apache Kafka

    Java 171 30

  3. jikkou Public

    A command-line tool to help you automate the management of the configurations that live on your Apache Kafka clusters.

    Java 52 9

  4. This project provides Docker compose files to deploy an Apache Kafka platform with a monitoring stack using Prometheus and Grafana

    Shell 44 27

  5. A list of all awesome open-source contributions for the Apache Kafka project

    61 22

  6. This projects gives Kotlin bindings and several extensions for Apache Kafka Clients.

    Kotlin 29 4


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