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From 11/20/2018, old master branch (no uReplcator-Manager module) is moved to branch-0.1. New master is backward-compatible and supports both non-federation and federation mode.


uReplicator provides a Kafka replication solution with high performance, scalability and stability.

uReplicator is good at:

  • High throughput
    • uReplicator has a controller to assign partitions to workers based on throughput in source cluster so each worker can achieve max throughput. (Currently it depends on Chaperone; We will make it get workload from JMX shortly)
    • uReplicator checks lags on each worker and removes heavy traffic from lagging workers.
  • High availability
    • uReplicator uses smart rebalance instead of high level consumer rebalance which can guarantee smooth replication.
  • High scalability
    • When the scale of Kafka infrastructure increases, simply add more hosts to uReplicator and it will scale up automatically
  • Smart operation (Federated uReplicator)
    • Federated uReplicator can set up replication route automatically.
    • When a route has higher traffic or lag, Federated uReplicator can add workers automatically and release afterwards.
    • uReplicator can detect new partitions in source cluster and start replication automatically


You can find quick start and configurations in uReplicator User Guide.

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