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Poker EV calculator for the linux command line

Inspired by Poker Stove

Uses pokersource-eval library
Thanks to for examples on how to use pokersource-eval library

pokerev is a simple poker odds calculator for the linux command line.
It's currently in very early stages. It can calculate odds for hold'em with 2 starting 
hands and either no flop, a flop or flop + turn.
There is no sanity checking on user input and documentation is lacking. This will improve 
over time.

Cards are expected in the format of rank followed by suit, no spaces, one character each.
Also no spaces between cards in a hand or on the board. For example, ace of spades and 
ten of hearts would be given as AsTh
A flop that consists of the king of clubs, queen of diamonds and 3 of spades would be: KcQd3s

* Download poker-eval from
* The one I use is
* Compile and install poker-eval using it's instructions
* If it doesn't install to /usr/local/lib/libpoker-eval.a on your system, edit pokerev's Makefile to point to the right location
* Create a symlink to the headers in pokerev's dir: ln -s /usr/local/include/poker-eval/ include
* make