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Process object properties deeply.
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Processes each properties of an object deeply.


To install from npm:

$ npm i each-props --save

Load this module

For Node.js:

const eachProps = require('each-props');

For Web browser:

<script src="each-props.min.js"></script>


Apply a function to all (non plain object) properties.

var obj = { a: 1, b: { c: 'CCC', d: { e: 'EEE' } } };

eachProps(obj, function(value, keyChain, nodeInfo) {
  if (keyChain === 'a') {
    nodeInfo.parent['a'] = value * 2;
  } else if (keyChain === 'b.c') {
    nodeInfo.parent['c'] = value.toLowerCase();
  } else if (keyChain === 'b.d') {
    return true; // stop to dig
  } else if (keyChain === 'b.d.e') {
    nodeInfo.parent['e'] = value.toLowerCase();

// => { a: 2, b: { c: 'ccc', d: { e: 'EEE' } } };


eachProps(obj, fn [, opts]) : void

Executes the fn function for all properties.


Parameter Type Description
obj object A plain object to be treated.
fn function A function to operate each properties.
opts object An object to pass any data to each properties.
  • API of fn function

    fn(value, keyChain, nodeInfo) : boolean

    This function is applied to all properties in an object.

    Parameter Type Description
    value any A property value.
    keyChain string A string concatenating the hierarchical keys with dots.
    nodeInfo object An object which contains node informations (See below).

    True, if stops digging child properties.

    Type: boolean

  • Properties of nodeInfo

    Properties Type Description
    name string The property name of this node.
    index number The index of the property among the sibling properties.
    count number The count of the sibling properties.
    depth number The depth of the property.
    parent object The parent node of the property.
    sort function A sort function which orders the child properties. This function is inherited from opts, if be specified.

    ... and any properties inherited from opts.

  • Properties of opts

    Properties Type Description
    sort function A sort function which orders the same level properties. (Optional)

    ... and any properties you want to pass to each node.


Copyright (C) 2016-2018 Takayuki Sato

This program is free software under MIT License. See the file LICENSE in this distribution for more details.

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