C++ implemented, cocos2d like cross-platform game engine
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This project is not in development and no more maintenance, please use cocos2d-x. Do NOT ping me if you have problem. Some features of WiEngine are ported to cocos2d-x, check out this repositories:



C++ implemented, cocos2d-like cross-platform game engine. Any question, please visit our forum: http://wiengine.forumer.com/

Platform Supported

  • iOS(3.2+)
  • Android(2.0+)
  • Mac OS X(10.6+)
  • Windows (XP or above)

Main Features

  • Scene managing and transition effect
  • Texture and atlas (Supports png, jpg and pvr)
  • Advanced grid 3D effect, such as lens, ripple, wave, liquid, twirl
  • Particle system
  • Actions
  • Common UI controls, such as button, menu, cover flow, page control, etc.
  • Text rendering(TTF font, bitmap font, line wrap, etc.)
  • Tile map(TGA, Array, TMX)
  • Parallax
  • Motion streak
  • System events(touch, multi-touch, accelerometer, key, gesture)
  • Physics engine(Chipmunk, Box2D)
  • Lua script
  • Memory file system
  • Sound engine which is named "WiSound"
  • AFC(Animation, Frame, Clip) animation format support
  • Skeletal Animation support
  • texture color filter
  • Persistence support (preference, sqlite3)
  • flexible screen adaptation: by density, by base size
  • resource protection mechanism
  • JSON parsing

Tools Supported

When Submit Issue

When you submit an issue, I hope you provide:

  1. description, platform, OS version, WiEngine version, etc.
  2. log if it is a crash problem
  3. sample code to reproduce that problem. this is not mandatory but it will gain high priority if you can provide.


We organize all documentation in github wiki.