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Extract files and covert 3D models from Colony Wars: Vengeance
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Colony Wars Vegneance Ripper

This respository hosts several programs to extract resources and convert models from Colony Wars Vengeance.

  • game_rsc_extract: extracts resources from GAME.RSC file such as models, textures, mission scripts and more.
  • model_converter: takes extracted BND models to convert them into Wavefront .obj format.

Output files

GAME.RSC Extractor

Colony Wars Vengeance GAME.RSC extractor
Extracts GAME.RSC contents

node game_rsc_extract.js <GAME.RSC path> <output_directory>

Colony Wars Vengeance BND Model Converter

Colony Wars Vengeance Model Converter
Converts original BND models into OBJ models, with textures extracted
Please keep original file names intact to ensure correct splitting of Level-of-detail models

node model_converter.js [OPTIONS] <bnd_files_directory> <output_directory>

List of options:
    --model-info        Additonal JSON info on original
                          model will be placed alongside
    --no-inverse-axis   Do not invert Y axis
    --no-subdirectories Do not separate output by directories
    --no-textures       Do not output texture data
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