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Substra is the most proven federated learning software designed for healthcare research.


Substra is an open source federated learning (FL) software. It enables the training and validation of machine learning models on distributed datasets. It provides a flexible Python interface and a web application to run federated learning training at scale.

Substra's main usage is in production environments. It has already been deployed and used by hospitals and biotech companies (see the MELLODDY project for instance). Substra can also be used on a single machine to perform FL simulations and debug code.

Substra was originally developed by Owkin and is now hosted by the Linux Foundation for AI and Data. Today Owkin is the main contributor to Substra.

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To start using Substra

Have a look at our documentation.

Try out our MNIST example.


If you need support, please either raise an issue on Github or ask on Slack.


Substra warmly welcomes any contribution. Feel free to fork the repo and create a pull request.


  1. substrafl substrafl Public

    A high-level federated learning Python library used to run complex federated learning experiments at scale on a Substra network

    Python 53 4

  2. substra substra Public

    Low-level Python library used to interact with a Substra network

    Python 266 34


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