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IDE for designer reactive plans for the POSH-planner
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is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Behavior Oriented Design (BOD).

It is now still in beta mode (despite it's numbering scheme) and allows for the creation of POSH plans. The plans are able to be used in either or .

For further information on ABODE or BOD consult the project website: or in the project wiki

We currently provide a couple of showcases of what has been done using ABODEstar and POSH. The latest version of Abode is Abode-star vs 005

Further Information

use our wiki to learn more about how to use and set up ABODE.

Starcraft AI Show Case

A first show case of the ABODE usage is the StarCraft AI Demo by Simon StarCraftAIShowcase

Use it at your own risk!

Old Version now deprecated

Due to the transition from sourceforge and the new features the previous version of is deprecated.

The repository on sourceforge is kept to allow for tracing all changes and version.

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