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Worklog field that is like what's on ITRs
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SugarCRM 6.x Custom Field - Worklog (v1.0)

By Jon Whitcraft - Engineer at SugarCRM

Support For SugarCRM 7.x

Check here for a version of the Worklog field support 7.x

How To Use:

1 Download the add-on from

2 Install the zip file via the Module Loader in the Admin Section

3 Add the custom code found below.

If you are adding a new field add a textarea field and then add the following lines to a file in custom/Extension/modules//Ext/Vardefs/.php


// new way that will store the data as a note attached to the record
// this is the recommended way to do this
$dictionary['Bug']['fields']['work_log']['type'] = 'notesworklog';
$dictionary['Bug']['fields']['work_log']['dbType'] = 'text';

// legacy way that will store the data in the field on the recored
$dictionary['Bug']['fields']['work_log']['type'] = 'worklog';
$dictionary['Bug']['fields']['work_log']['dbType'] = 'text';

You can also convert a current textarea field to a worklog field by adding the above code to a file.


  • Attachment Support in Display
  • Display in Portal checkbox if portal is enabled on instance.
  • Inline Editing


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