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Worklog field that is like what's on ITRs

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SugarCRM Custom Field - Worklog (v1.0)

By Jon Whitcraft - Engineer at SugarCRM

Updates and Information

Please note that this will not be supported in Sugar7. Sugar7 has the awesome new feature of ActivitySteams which provide simular functionality, but with better features. You can find out more about Sugar7 here:

How To Use:

1 Download the add-on from

2 Install the zip file via the Module Loader in the Admin Section

3 Add the custom code found below.

If you are adding a new field add a textarea field and then add the following lines to a file in custom/Extension/modules//Ext/Vardefs/.php


// new way that will store the data as a note attached to the record
// this is the recommended way to do this
$dictionary['Bug']['fields']['work_log']['type'] = 'notesworklog';
$dictionary['Bug']['fields']['work_log']['dbType'] = 'text';

// legacy way that will store the data in the field on the recored
$dictionary['Bug']['fields']['work_log']['type'] = 'worklog';
$dictionary['Bug']['fields']['work_log']['dbType'] = 'text';

You can also convert a current textarea field to a worklog field by adding the above code to a file.


  • Attachment Support in Display
  • Display in Portal checkbox if portal is enabled on instance.
  • Inline Editing


SugarFieldWorklog by Jon Whitcraft is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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