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Tales from my home directory (dot files & bin scripts)
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.Xdefaults.d xterm: make large font choices truly large
.alias.d alias: use rename detection in glf
.config switch to Xubuntu; use Crouton Chromebook keyboard
.devilspie switch to Xubuntu; use Crouton Chromebook keyboard
.mpd add mpd configuration file for music in ~/mus/
.zsh zsh: add numbers to ensure bundles load in order
bin add daily(1) script to refresh commands every day
.Xdefaults.erb xrdb: use gruvbox colors for text fore/background
.alias rename .aliases to .alias and the dir to .alias.d
.cvsignore export GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH instead of using RVM
.gemrc import .gemrc to prevent RDoc & RI generation
.inputrc major ZSH configuration overhaul based on ZSH docs
.irbrc irb: simple prompt confusing for multi-line input
.pathrc Revert "pathrc: use friendly folder names instead of terse"
.profile profile: ask before starting up a new tmux session
.screenrc screen: change status color from yellow to cyan
.tigrc.erb tig: change custom "E" key to "P" to export patch
.tkmidity add configuration for TKMidity GUI for Timidity++
.tmux.conf.erb tmux: add support for NeoVim in vim-tmux-navigator
.xbindkeysrc XF86PowerOff cannot be bound under Xubuntu 15.04
.xmbdfedrc a whole bunch of small improvements; too lazy
.xpdfrc xpdf: bind TAB key to toggle Table of Contents
.xprofile switch to Xubuntu; use Crouton Chromebook keyboard
.xscreensaver switch to Lubuntu 14.10 on my Acer C720 chromebook
.xsession Ubuntu uses dash(1) which lacks `source` command
.xstartup switch to Xubuntu; use Crouton Chromebook keyboard
.zprofile move $PATH calculation for ~/app/ into .profile
.zshenv make arrow keys in xterm(1) re-bindable within ZSH
.zshrc split monolithic zshrc file into many smaller ones
makefile makefile: fix warning about `make -j1` option
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