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SunEngine - Site engine that supports forums, articles and blogs.
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Site engine that supports forums, articles and blogs.

SunEngine Logo

Version: 1.18.1

Demo site:

Текст на русском.

About project

Core modules

  • Articles
  • Forum
  • Blogs

Friendly interface

  • Single-page application with a beautiful interface.
  • Works on personal computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Made with love ❤

  • Beautiful code that we constantly improve.
  • We are open to new ideas for improving code and architecture.

Key technologies

The project uses modern and beautiful technologies.

  • Asp.Net Core 3.0
  • Linq2db — database framework.
  • FluentMigrator — database migrations.
  • VueJs — SPA-based client side.
  • Quasar Framework — vue components.
  • Database — any compatible with Linq2db and FluentMigrator.


  • Fast data access based on linq2db.
  • Single-page application loads only necessary data, without extra requests.
  • Efficient caching.

Flexible configuration of user role rights

  • Opportunity for each section — site's category — set different access rights for different groups of users.

Admin panel

  • Edit site sections — categories.
  • Edit site menu.
  • Edit user roles.
  • Customize caching.


  • Works on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Compatible with most relational databases.

Launch prerequisites

SunEngine can be launched on Windows, Linux and macOS.

To run the project you need to install:

Launch for development

Launch from console

  1. Download the project code from the official repository (if not done)
  2. Rename files and folders with the suffix -template, and remove this suffix. (if not done)
  3. Go to folder SunEngine/SunEngine.Cli.
  4. Create a database SunEngine in the selected DBMS. (if not done)
  5. Register the provider name and connection string in the file SunEngine/SunEngine.Cli/Config/DataBaseConnection.json.
  6. Fill the database with initial data dotnet run migrate init seed (if not done).
  7. Run server dotnet run server.
  8. Go to folder SunEngine/Client.
  9. Install npm modules npm install (if not done yet).
  10. Run client quasar dev — browser will be opened.


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