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Sunlight Labs

We build tools that make government more transparent & accountable, then give them away to you. [Sunlight Labs closed down in late 2016.]

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  1. us-laws us-laws Public

    A ticket for every new law of the United States, as of March 12, 2014.

    205 27

  2. django-mediasync django-mediasync Public

    Toolkit to simplify static media development and deployment.

    Python 173 30

  3. name-cleaver name-cleaver Public

    Parser and standardizer for politician, individual and organization names.

    Python 126 22

  4. rack-honeypot rack-honeypot Public

    Middleware that functions as a spambot trap. Cast spambots off into the abyss.

    Ruby 95 15

  5. django-gatekeeper django-gatekeeper Public

    Django object moderation

    Python 89 19

  6. python-sunlight python-sunlight Public

    Unified Python bindings for Sunlight APIs

    Python 66 22


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