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Data, scripts, and sample stimuli for the perlocution project

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Conventions for perlocution

Data, scripts, and sample stimuli for the perlocution project.

Jeong, Sunwoo and Christopher Potts. 2016. Intonational sentence-type conventions for perlocutionary effects: An experimental investigation. To appear in Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 26.


  • perlocution_combined_data_exp1_exp2.csv: response data from experiments 1 and 2 in the SALT 26 paper
  • perlocution-data-visualization.R: R scripts for creating the plots in the paper
  • perlocution-mixed-effects-models.Rmd: R code for fitting the mixed effects models in the paper
  • jeong-potts-salt26.pdf: local copy of the current (pre-conference) version of the paper
  • sample audio files of the stimuli used in the experiments

Sentence stimuli used in the experiments

polar interrogatives

Information seeking bias: Are armadillos mammals? Do manatees have molars? Did Maria bring those bananas? Do ants sleep?

Invitation bias: Do you wanna go to the movies? Do you wanna grab a bite? Do you wanna play games? Do you wanna go for a run?

Request bias: Can you open the door? Can you close the window? Can you carry this box? Can you lend me some money?

Ambiguous bias: Do you wanna do the laundry? Do you have a problem? Did you do the dishes? Did you file the report?


Information seeking bias: Where do armadillos live? How do manatees swim? Who gave Maria those bananas? When do ants sleep?

Invitation bias: Where do you wanna go for the movies? What do you say we go grab a bite? When do you wanna play games? How about we go for a run?

Request bias: Who has a pen? Where's my boarding pass? When are you going to clean your room? How about turning down the volume on the TV?

Ambiguous bias: What are you worried about? Where's your bag? Who ate my cupcake? Where did you put my stuff?


Information giving bias: Hippos are predators. Manatees have molars.

Invitation bias: We should go get beer. We can go dancing.

Request bias: You need to help me carry this box. You gotta close the window.

Ambibuous bias: You didn't call me back.


Advice (information giving) bias: Take these pills for a week. Avoid the highway.

Offer (invitation) bias: Take a cookie. Let's have dinner.

Request bias: Have the report on my desk by noon. Hand in the assignment by Friday.

Well wish bias: Enjoy your dinner. Get well soon.


Data, scripts, and sample stimuli for the perlocution project






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