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Removing A Source

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Sup doesn't have a command to remove a source, but you can effectively do so by carefully following the instructions below. These steps show how to remove a source by editing a sup internal file and then rebuilding the index from scratch. Open heart surgery ahead, steady hands only!

  1. Quit any running instances of sup.

  2. Back up your sup configuration directory, so when something goes wrong, you can try again.

    $ cd ~
    $ cp -r .sup .sup_backup
  3. Go to the sup configuration directory in your home directory.

    $ cd ~/.sup
  4. Dump sup's index. This stores the state of all mails like labels and read status to a text file.

    $ sup-dump > index-dump.txt
  5. Delete sup's index.

    $ rm -r xapian
  6. Open the file sources.yaml in your favourite text editor, and delete all lines belonging to the source you want to remove. In this case, we're removing the inbox for the mail from my university, so we delete lines 2 up to and including 9. Save and exit.

    Be careful not to mess with anything else.

    The ids of the sources are then no longer contiguous, but sup doesn't mind.

    1 ---
    2 - !,2006-10-01/Redwood/Maildir
    3   uri: maildir:/home/mkl/MailRU/INBOX/
    4   usual: true
    5   archived: false
    6   sync_back: true
    7   id: 5
    8   labels:
    9   - ru
    10 - !,2006-10-01/Redwood/Maildir
    11   uri: maildir:/home/mkl/MailPosteo/
    12   usual: true
    13   archived: false
    14   sync_back: true
    15   id: 7
    16   labels: []
    17 - !,2006-10-01/Redwood/Maildir
    18   uri: maildir:/home/mkl/Mail
    19   usual: true
    20   archived: false
    21   sync_back: true
    22   id: 8
    23   labels:
    24   - gmx
    25 - !,2006-10-01/Redwood/Maildir
    26   uri: maildir:/home/mkl/MailM.Klinik/
    27   usual: true
    28   archived: true
    29   sync_back: true
    30   id: 6
    31   labels:
    32   - mklinik
    33 - !,2006-10-01/Redwood/SentLoader {}
  7. Rebuild the index. Depending on how many mails you have, this may take some minutes.

    $ sup-sync --restore index-dump.txt

And that's it. At this point, you have a database that is exactly like before, except all mails from the removed source are missing.

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