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Adds a new algorithm that automatically refreshes the user's session.

Problems with the previous algorithm:
- Complex retry logic 
- Difficult to read and reason about quickly
- Used in-memory state while session state is not in memory -- local
storage, cookies, etc.
- Could produce endless retries
- Not multi-tab resilient -- performed refresh from all open tabs at
- Not clock-skew resilient

New algorithm:
- Runs every 10 seconds (`AUTO_REFRESH_TICK_DURATION`) -- tick
- Each tick checks the session from the proper storage medium (not
possible to have unsynced state)
- If the expiration is within 3 ticks (`AUTO_REFRESH_TICK_THRESHOLD`) a
refresh is attempted
- If a refresh is not successful, another one will be attempted on the
next tick
- A failing refresh due to network errors will be retried exponentially
but up to a maximum of 10 seconds
- Auto refresh runs only on visible tabs, not on hidden tabs

Co-authored-by: Joel Lee <>

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An isomorphic JavaScript client library for the GoTrue API.


Quick start


npm install --save @supabase/gotrue-js


import { GoTrueClient } from '@supabase/gotrue-js'

const GOTRUE_URL = 'http://localhost:9999'

const auth = new GoTrueClient({ url: GOTRUE_URL })

Custom fetch implementation

gotrue-js uses the cross-fetch library to make HTTP requests, but an alternative fetch implementation can be provided as an option. This is most useful in environments where cross-fetch is not compatible, for instance Cloudflare Workers:

import { GoTrueClient } from '@supabase/gotrue-js'

const GOTRUE_URL = 'http://localhost:9999'

const auth = new GoTrueClient({ url: GOTRUE_URL, fetch: fetch })


We are building the features of Firebase using enterprise-grade, open source products. We support existing communities wherever possible, and if the products don’t exist we build them and open source them ourselves.

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