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The open source Firebase alternative.


  1. supabase supabase Public

    The open source Firebase alternative.

    TypeScript 67.8k 6.4k

  2. realtime realtime Public

    Broadcast, Presence, and Postgres Changes via WebSockets

    Elixir 6.5k 289

  3. postgres postgres Public

    Unmodified Postgres with some useful plugins

    Shell 1.3k 128

  4. postgres-meta postgres-meta Public

    A RESTful API for managing your Postgres. Fetch tables, add roles, and run queries

    TypeScript 839 111

  5. supabase-js supabase-js Public

    An isomorphic Javascript client for Supabase. Query your Supabase database, subscribe to realtime events, upload and download files, browse typescript examples, invoke postgres functions via rpc, i…

    TypeScript 2.9k 226

  6. postgrest-js postgrest-js Public

    Isomorphic JavaScript client for PostgREST.

    TypeScript 956 127


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