SUPERSEDE Integration Framework
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SUPERSEDE project: Integration Framework (IF)

This repository contains code, artefacts, configuration, and so on, developed in SUPERSEDE WP5, that provides the backend integration framework for the SUPERSEDE platform.

See deliverable D5.5 in Supersede Portal for more details about this framework, including its functional description, its architecture and its components.

Repository Structure:

  • IF/API: It provides an IF Client API, enabling Java client components to send messages to other components of the platform.
  • IF/ESB: It provides the configuration of the IF middleware, based on the WSO2 Suite, which mediates, routes and dispatches incoming messages to remote service endpoints
  • IF/PoC: It provides some proof-of-concepts on the usage of message delivery technology, based on Spring IO Framework and Spring IO Boot technologies.

SUPERSEDE Integration Framework is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Please check the respective for details. In particular, see IF Client for datails on the configuration and usage of the IF Client API library to send messages to the backend components of the SUPERSEDE Platform

Main contact: Jesús Gorroñogoitia

This Project is funded by the European Union