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AirTunes metadata module for MagicMirror
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A module to integrate AirPlay metadata coming via shairport-sync into the MagicMirror. This plugin does not work with video streaming or screen mirroring.



Using the module

Add MMM-ShairportMetadata module to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
    module: 'MMM-ShairportMetadata',
    position: 'bottom_left',
    config: {
      metadataPipe: "/tmp/shairport-sync-metadata", // location of pipe with shairport-sync metadata
	  alignment: "center",	// Possible values [left|right|center]. Default: center

Integration with shairport-sync

Example configuration for shairport-sync:

metadata =
		enabled = "yes"; // set to yes to get Shairport Sync to solicit metadata from the source and to pass it on via a pipe
		include_cover_art = "yes"; // set to "yes" to get Shairport Sync to solicit cover art from the source and pass it via the pipe. You must also set "enabled" to "yes".
		pipe_name = "/tmp/shairport-sync-metadata";
		pipe_timeout = 5000; // wait for this number of milliseconds for a blocked pipe to unblock before giving up
//      socket_address = ""; // if set to a host name or IP address, UDP packets containing metadata will be sent to this address. May be a multicast address. "socket-port" must be non-zero and "enabled" must be set to yes"
//      socket_port = 5555; // if socket_address is set, the port to send UDP packets to
//      socket_msglength = 65000; // the maximum packet size for any UDP metadata. This will be clipped to be between 500 or 65000. The default is 500.
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