Third party-contributed software for the Courier Mail Server
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20150202 (C) (AGPLv3)

A simple vacation autoreply script for courier-mta based mailservers.

  • courier-imap/mta with courier-authdaemon and maildrop installed
  • nano is installed (and "stat", part of the coreutils package)
  • the MAILDIR variable below is set to the root of your maildir folders
  • the users .mailfilter is not used for anything else


20120513 (C) (AGPLv3)

This script provides a way to cancel messages from the mail queue for a particular user rather than just per message-id with cancelmsg. It comes in handy if there is spam going out from a user and you need to cancel unsent messages as quickly as possible. Cancelling messages for the "daemon" user will cancel pending bounces. Uncomment the history line if not needed.


20120513 (C) (AGPLv3)

An awk script to provide a simple uncluttered view of in and out going mail deliveries with the size of the message as a bonus in the first field. Set the MAILLOG variable to where your Courier mail logfile is kept and comment out the usage history line if not needed.


20130907 (C) (AGPLv3)

A simple script to pull out the Message ID for any email address and then provide the actual initial login details for the Message ID. The use case is when the maillog script indicates a lot of outgoing messages that could be spam sent from a range of different From: addresses then this script will show the real login user. A simple change password for that real login user and a restart courier-mta (to drop the current connections) will stop the outgoing spam.