A C# library, a custom WinUSB driver and example project showing how to interface with the Xbox 360 Big Button Controllers (the Scene It game controllers) http://sverrirs.github.io/XboxBigButton/
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A C# library and example project showing how to interface with the Xbox 360 Big Button Controllers (Scene It? game controllers)

The Scene It game kit

The project page can be found at http://sverrirs.github.io/XboxBigButton/

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Driver installer

A downloadable binary for the driver install (both 32 and 64 bit versions) can be found under XboxBigButton_WinUsbDriver/binaries folder. Note: These installers have not been tested with Win8 and newer so they might not work (due to the fact that Windows 8+ requires .inf files to be signed as well)


  • Uses the WinUsb.NET project
  • Requires the custom driver in the XboxBigButton_WinUsbDriver folder to be installed prior to running any of the code.


var _device = new XboxBigButtonDevice();
_device.ButtonStateChanged += _device_ButtonStateChanged;

After installing the included driver, the only think you need to do is to create an instance of the Device and connect it. Then your ButtonStateChanged event handler will receive a callback every time the user presses a button on any of the controllers attached.

Please refer to the included example App project for more usage examples.

Further info

My blog goes into some details about the process of getting the custom driver to work.