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RPN Implementation

Build Status Code Climate


This was a fun little coding exercise meant to practice setting up a CI and CD pipeline for a web service and front-end web app that implements an RPN calculator.

I decided to implemented it with NodeJS and the Express server to serve both the API and the static front-end files, and used React to implement a simple Single-Page-App for the front-end.

In terms of the build pipeline, I decided to refresh myself on travis-ci for the build and test-run, codeclimate for static analysis, and heroku still seems nice as a free path for proof-of-concept prototypes.

  • commit changes to github
    • triggers travis-ci build (tests under Node 6 and 8)
      • success triggers codeclimate
      • success triggers heroku deployment

I stopped short of UI testing, I tend to use a Chef-built X11 vfb / headless environment for browser testing, but it's a lot of overhead for this and doesn't fit the travis pipeline as-is. Unsure of possible open-source friendly test environments out there (but I didn't go looking, perhaps another day).


There is a single API point at /api/v1/reduce that accepts a POST request containing a JSON encoded array that represents the stack of elements to process with the RPN algorithm.

The only content-type accepted and responded with at this time is application/json.

If the stack sent is invalid, an http status 400 will be returned, along with the original input data.

Sample requests and responses:

  • [] -> []
  • [1,2] -> [1,2]
  • [1,2,"+"] -> [3]
  • [1,2,3,"+","+"] -> [6]


Make sure you have Node >= 6 installed and on your path.

Set up the project with:

npm install


Run the unit tests with:

npm test

Running Locally

Start the local server with:

npm start

Check the local API with:

curl -X POST -d '[1,2,"+"]' -H 'accept: application/json' \
 -H 'content-type: application/json' http://localhost:3000/api/v1/reduce

When running the local API, you can visit the front end by visiting http://localhost:3000/

Viewing in Production

You can view this app in production at Heroku