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Easy way to display short announcement messages in your views.
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The Announcements gem provides an easy way to publish short messages in your views, which the user can then hide permanently. It was influenced by the gem paul_revere by thoughtbot, but unlike paul_revere, announcements doesn't use partials (instead, there is a single helper method which you can customise) and is a bit more flexible (you have an additional 'type' attribute by default). Announcements can also output text in a twitter-bootstrap style format (see below).

Quick start

  1. Requirements: rails >= 3.1.0 and jquery-rails
  2. Add gem 'announcements' to your Gemfile and run bundle
  3. Run rails g announcements:install
  4. Use <%= announce Announcement.newest %> in your views to display the latest announcement
  5. Create your first announcement in rails c by simply creating a new Announcement record, like Announcement.create(:body => 'This is my first announcement!')
  6. You're done! You can now add some styling and have a look at the customization options below.


By default, the announcement text and hide message text are wrapped in a div called "info" (if you want to customise that, see the Customisation section below). You can use the following css in your application.css file to start:

.info {
    background: #D5EDF8;
    color: #205791;
    padding: 0.8em;
    margin-bottom: 1em;
    border: 2px solid #92CAE4;

.hide_announcement {
    cursor: pointer;
    float: right;


The default HTML output of the announce helper is

<div class="info">
    My announcement!
    <span class="hide_announcement" data-announcementid="1">hide message</span>

The default div class is info. You can customise it like that:

<%= announce Announcement.newest, :div_class => "mydiv" %>

You can also change the "hide message" text:

<%= announce Announcement.newest, :hide_message => "×" %>

The output from the helper is marked as html_safe, so you can have links or add more formatting in the announcement text itself.

For Twitter Bootstrap users

A new option has been added to announcements to display alerts in the twitter-bootstrap style through the following usage:

<%= announce Announcement.newest, :format => "bootstrap" %>

You can also change the "alert heading" text (twitter bootstrap option only):

<%= announce Announcement.newest, {:format => "bootstrap", :alert_heading => "Achtung!"} %>

Be sure to use one of the twitter-bootstrap gems.

How it works

The gem creates an Announcement model with a few class methods like Announcement.newest. The Announcement model has a body:text (the actual announcement text) and a type:string (which you can use for different types of announcements, e.g. public (everyone) and private (only for registered users)). There is also a js file in vendor/assets/javascripts which permanently hides the announcement by creating a cookie (that's when you click on the 'hide message' text).

How to uninstall

There is no uninstaller at this point, but you can simply remove the following files manually:

  1. app/models/announcement.rb
  2. vendor/assets/javascripts/announcements.js

You also have to remove the //= require announcements line in your app/assets/javascripts/application.js file, and rollback the create_announcements migration.

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