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Swaap Labs

We contribute to the Swaap protocol  -  the market neutral AMM.

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  1. swaap-core-v1 swaap-core-v1 Public

    Swaap v1 - core smart contracts

    Solidity 17 6

  2. swaap-proxy-v1 swaap-proxy-v1 Public

    Swaap v1 - proxy smart contracts

    Solidity 11 1

  3. swaap-subgraph-v1 swaap-subgraph-v1 Public

    Swaap Protocol v1 subgraph.

    TypeScript 4 1

  4. swaap-v2-monorepo swaap-v2-monorepo Public

    TypeScript 4 2

  5. paraswap-dex-lib paraswap-dex-lib Public

    Forked from paraswap/paraswap-dex-lib

    DexLib is a library used by ParaSwap backend to integrate with decentralized exchanges. This library enables external DEX developers to integrate their DEX with ParaSwap by creating pull requests t…

    TypeScript 2 2

  6. DefiLlama-Adapters DefiLlama-Adapters Public

    Forked from DefiLlama/DefiLlama-Adapters

    JavaScript 2


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