The read/write client for a distributed peer-to-peer network of (social) data
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The read/write client for a distributed peer-to-peer network of (social) data.

The spinning wheel, or charkha (sanskrit चरखा, from the persian چرخ) became the symbol of the swadeshi movement, which defeated colonial rule by refusing to rely on colonial industries and instead relying on distributed, local production of things like fabric for clothing.

The inspiration and intention for this project is outlined in the article on Medium titled The internet has been stolen from you. Take it back, nonviolently.

چرخ चरखा wheel


This project is just an idea right now. If you think we should build it, speak up or get involved. We're listening.

Get Involved

Contribute Code

We're not writing any code yet, but you can contribute to the dat jawn project. We will be using jawn to store feeds and replicate them across peers. The jawn project is based on a mentorship model (described in the blog post Bypassing (some) Cultural, Gender and Racial Barriers by Training Great Engineers), so we're always looking for people to be mentors, to pair program, or to help keep the code base moving forward.

Contribute Ideas

Ideas? Questions? Concerns? Recommendations? Post them as issues in the issue tracker


We'll probably create a Slack team at some point, but until then you can join the dat jawn team's slack channel, which is part of the Code for Philly slack channel. Follow the instructions under "Get Involved" on the dat jawn project page. Say hello!

Mailing List

If you want to get periodic updates on the project, sign up for the mailing list.


We will release all code under an open source license, most likely GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 (GNU AGPL v3)