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An assistant website for Summoner's War.


SWARFARM exposes an API that contains detailed game data (most notably monster and skill data), in addition to public user profiles. The root endpoint is Documentation of all endpoints is available here. This API is free and public but subject to rate limits, and any abuse or abnormal use of server resources will see restrictions applied. The API powers tools like SW Optimizer and the SWOP Discord bot.

The API schema is not finalized and may change at any time.

Can I use it to power my own website?

Yes - but you must proxy requests through your own server. CORS restrictions are in place. Your server will be subject to rate limits just like any other client.

API Authentication

Authentication is required to perform actions that change your account data or to view your own profile (if private).

Basic Token Authentication

You can get or generate a basic token from your edit profile page on via the dropdown menu on your username. The token is equivalent to your password so do not share it. Tokens never expire, but you can change yours at any time by generating a new one. This authentication method is ideal to allow a tool to perform actions on your account's behalf such as the SWARFARM plugin for SW-Exporter.

JWT Authentication

JSON Web Tokens are ideal for temporary authentication, since they expire automatically after a time.

Generating a token:

$ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"username":"myaccount","password":"password123"}'

Using the token in a request:

$ curl -H "Authorization: JWT <your_token>"<endpoint>/


You don't need to code to contribute ideas. If you have a feature request, notice a bug, inaccuracies in the monster/ skill data, or anything else, submit an issue here on github or in the feedback section of the site. For UI ideas, chop together a quick example in paint to help communicate your thoughts.

Pull requests are always welcome, but first create an issue so the change can be discussed. Coding can begin after there is an agreement with the maintainers if and how the change should be implemented.

If you want to talk about the site or have questions about the code base, join the developer Discord server.

Setting up for Development

  1. Copy .env.example to .env. No modifications are necessary to work with the default Vagrant config.
    • Vagrant provisioning will fail if you do not have a .env file present.
  2. Install Vagrant and perform any required setup per Vagrant documentation
    • Vagrant is configured to use VirtualBox as the VM provider. You are free to choose your own provider.
  3. Run vagrant up in the root directory of this project.

This will get you:

  • Fully operational production stack compressed into one VM (nginx, postgres, gunicorn, redis, rabbitmq, celery)
  • Debug mode enabled
  • Hot reloading code based this local source directory. No hot reload for celery daemon, though.
  • Server accessible at
  • Monster bestiary data already filled in

What won't work:

  • Parsing the game data files. This requires decryption keys which I will not distribute.
  • reCaptcha for user registration. Create your own set of keys and add them to the .env file using the RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY and RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY keys. Be sure to add your local development IP address to the list of approved domains.

You can use the python virtualenv on the Vagrant VM (located at /home/vagrant/.pyenv/versions/swarfarm-3.6.8/bin/python) as a remote interpreter if your development environment supports it. The ports for postgres, redis, and RabbitMQ are forwarded to your host machine so they are accessible from localhost. The Vagrant VM requires at least 3GB of RAM.

A full list of available environment variables is available at the top of swarfarm/

Vagrant and Hyper-V

The default VM provider VirtualBox is incompatible with Windows Hyper-V. If you want to keep Hyper-V enabled (if you use Docker, for example), you will want to use the hyperv Vagrant provider. There are a few potential issues:

Not available at after provisioning

Check the output of the vagrant up command for the correct IP address. This is a known limitation with Vagrant and Hyper-V.

Shared folders (SBM) throws errors

Turn on SBM 1.x and SBM Direct from Windows Features (the same place where you can turn on Hyper-V)

Shared folders (SBM) asking for password

If you don't have password for your Windows account, then you need to set one

pyenv can't change directory to /vargant and/or SSH working really slow

Your Network Sharing doesn't allow Vargant to access your files. To fix this:

  1. Go to Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Advanced sharing settings
  2. From Guest or Public section Turn on file and printer sharing
  3. From All Networks section Turn off password protected sharing

This can open up some security holes; a better solution is welcome.

Using docker instead of Vagrant

The documentation for the setup using Docker can be found under docs/

Creating your admin user

Run python createsuperuser and follow the prompts.

This admin user functions with the Django admin, but not the rest of the SWARFARM site. If you want the same account to work as a normal profile account as well, you need to attach a Summoner profile model instance to it. To do so, open a Django shell by running python shell and run the following commands:

from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from herders.models import Summoner

Note: Adjust the User queryset to pick the account you want to be admin if necessary.

Running the tests

Run python test --settings=swarfarm.settings_test. It is also recommended to use the --keepdb argument to reduce the amount of time spend creating the database.

Built With



This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • SWProxy for easily extracting game data, which makes SWARFARM orders of magnitude easier to use.
  • SWProxy-plugins for including the plugin and making the data logs possible.
  • SW-Exporter, the new proxy hotness for exporting and logging.