Build React with react-tap-event-plugin for using React as Webpack externals
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Build Standalone React and ReactDOM with react-tap-event-plugin

If you are using both React as Webpack externals and react-tap-event-plugin, i.e.

externals: {
    react: 'React',
    'react-dom': 'ReactDOM',
    // ...

You must be facing the same problem: InjectTapEventPlugin() becomes invalid and no onTouchTap event is fired.

The cause of the problem is discribed here:

when u set react as a external lib, webpack won't build react into the bundle. but as InjectTapEventPlugin require some react sub files, webpack don't know these files are external,as a result it build these files into the bundle. so when InjectTapEventPlugin run and register tap event to react, it register into a standalone react env and tap event can't fire


This repo rebuilds react and react-dom with Webpack, then export them to global variables (Currently only window), since Webpack's externals configuration tried to read them from global.

injectTapEventPlugin() is also called, thus you need not to call it any more.


Via <script>

Directly include the output file before your project's bundle:

<script src="react-with-tap-event.min.js"></script>
<script src="bundle.js"></script>

Via Webpack

You can use it via npm either:

npm i build-react-with-tap-event --save

in your webpack config:

entry: {
    bundle: './scr/index.js',
    'react-with-tap-event': 'build-react-with-tap-event',
externals: {
    react: 'React',
    'react-dom': 'ReactDOM',
    // ...