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My name is Steph Wilson. I am a student in CCAC's Data Analytics Technology program. I currently have a bachelor's in English but am working towards my associates with a career change as an end goal.


  1. gender_sentiment - this program scrapes the tedTalks website for the search term the user inputs. It then analyses the name of the speaker and their talk title for the gender of said speaker and the sentiment (positive/ negative/ neutral) of their talk title. It then outputs a dataframe with the speaker's name, their gender, the talk title, and the sentiment polarity (-1 being very negative, 0 being neutral, and 1 being very positive). Finally, it also computes each page of search result's average sentiment polarity for both genders.

  2. Data Editor - WIP - this program enables a user to navigate, add, delete, and update a multi-level dictionary. I plan to simplify this program and make it more universally useable.

  3. mountainProject - this program was my first foray into using an API. It takes the data from the mountain project website and gives the average climbing grade of routes in the specified LAT/LON location.

  4. listComprehensions - I created this jupyter notebook as part of a class assignment to teach others about a given topic, in this case, list comprehensions.


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