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Pure Python CMS and blogging solution using static HTML
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Mercury Metal Logo

(or, "Mercury Blogging Engine" for SEO's sake) (formerly "MeTal")

A pure Python (3.2+) CMS and blogging solution with a friendly WordPress-like UI


  • Open source (MIT license)
  • Pure Python; no binaries or external dependencies save for the Python interpreter (and whatever libraries it uses internally)
  • Static HTML publishing
  • Dynamic page and site previews
  • Plugin system
  • Multiple sites and blogs supported in a single installation
  • Multiple users and granular permissions (contribute, write, edit, publish, manage, etc.)
  • Key/value store for metadata on objects
  • Drag-and-drop media management included but optional

Planned additions

  • Multiple edit format support (e.g., Markdown)
  • Multiple template type support (e.g., Jinja)
  • Publishing from external files rather than in-DB data
  • Command-line functionality
  • L10N
  • Python 2.x backwards compatibility (Sorry, we're going to be 3.2+ from now on.)

... more to come ...

This project is still very raw; it won't work yet if you try to deploy it. It's being committed publicly to show that progress is taking place on it. We are, however, getting close to providing an alpha-test version that can be manually installed.

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