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tools around preparing TIMIT for HMM (with HTK) and deep learning (with Theano) methods
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Preparing the dataset

With the TIMIT dataset (.wav sound files, .wrd words annotations and .phn phones annotations):

  1. Encode the wave sound in MFCCs: run python --htk-mfcc $DATASET/train and python --htk-mfcc $DATASET/test producing the .mfc files with HCopy according to wav_config (.mfc_unnorm is no normalization)

  2. Adapt the annotations given in .phn in frames into nanoseconds in .lab run python $DATASET/train and
    python $DATASET/test producing the .lab files

  3. Replace phones according to the seminal HMM paper of 1989: "Speaker-independant phone recognition using hidden Markov models", phones number (i.e. number of lines in the future labels dictionary) should go from 61 to 39. run python $DATASET/train and python $DATASET/test

  4. run python $DATASET/train and python $DATASET/test

You can also do that with a make prepare dataset=DATASET_PATH.

You're ready for training with HTK (mfc and lab files)!

Training the HMM models

Train monophones HMM:

make train_monophones dataset_train_folder=PATH_TO_YOUR_DATASET/train
make test_monophones dataset_test_folder=PATH_TO_YOUR_DATASET/test

Or, train triphones:

make train_triphones dataset_train_folder=PATH_TO_YOUR_DATASET/train
make test_triphones dataset_test_folder=PATH_TO_YOUR_DATASET/test

Replacing the GMM by DBNs

  1. Do full states forced alignment of the .mlf files with make align.

  2. Do a first preparation of the dataset with src/ or src/ (depending on the dataset) on the above aligned .mlf files.

  3. Train the deep belief networks on it, either using DBN/ or DBN/ or DBN/ (see inside these files for parameters). Save (pickle at the moment) the DBN objects and the states/indices mappings.

  4. Use the serialized DBN objects and states/indices mappings with, just cd to DBN and do:

    python ../src/ output_dbn.mlf /fhgfs/bootphon/scratch/gsynnaeve/TIMIT/test/test.scp ../tmp_train/hmm_final/hmmdefs --d ../dbn_5.pickle ../to_int_and_to_state_dicts_tuple.pickle

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