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Update to LuaJ 3.0

branch : idea13
extra : source : bbe55e59a5d671c2e327b068d1575d0c0e3dd358
latest commit 18bb6f6790
@sylvanaar authored
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.idea fix capitalization
META-INF Update plugin.xml for 1.0a66
err Run unit tests on TC8
help make the modules use the project SDK
lib Update to LuaJ 3.0
resources Much improved skeletons for the Lua APIs courtesy of LDoc.
src Fix #145 supply ${NAME} and ${PROJECT_NAME} template variables
test More test infrastructure (a little). Also a failing unit test for
testdata More test infrastructure (a little). Also a failing unit test for
.hgignore ignore user dictionaries
.hgtags Added tag 1.0a66 for changeset 8600a3fcda70
IDLua.iml Update to LuaJ 3.0
idlua-8-15.xml Update to LuaJ 3.0


IconLua language support for JetBrains IDEs

[Build Status]


  • Semantic code highlighting of identifiers: global, local, parameter, upvalue
  • Highly configurable syntax highlighting
  • Syntax checking and error highlighting
  • Code completion across all files including libraries and custom API's
  • Code completions enhanced by type inference and flow analysis
  • Support for external API definitions to enhance completion including custom function signatures
  • LuaDoc auto-generation with highlighting and folding
  • Quick Documentation (ctrl-Q/cmd-f1) for Lua APIs, and custom API's
  • Code Formatter
  • Go to definition (ctrl-click/cmd-click)
  • Find Usages, Goto Symbol
  • Lua SDK REPL Console
  • Modules support for completions (Experimental)
  • Structure view / Code Outline
  • Refactorings
    • Safe Delete
    • Rename Identifier
    • Introduce Variable (Experimental)
  • Debugger (Experimental)
  • Code Inspections
    • Unused assignment
    • Suspicious global creation, helps catch leaked globals
    • Unbalanced assignment statements, helps catch bugs in multiple assignment statements
    • Many more...
  • Code Intentions
    • Replace explicit string library calls like string.len("foo") with ("foo"):len()
    • Many more...

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