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Deploying to Microsoft Azure Website Cloud
SensioLabs and Microsoft announce their partnership during the upcoming PHP Tour
in Lyon (France). This announcement covers several strategic aspects including
the integration of Symfony into the Microsoft Azure Website Cloud platform
destined to leverage all the devops aspects from Azure Websites to the Symfony2
developers community.
The two companies will provide all the needed tutorials allowing both
communities and companies to migrate their Symfony applications to the Microsoft
Azure Cloud platform.
Additionally, Microsoft and SensioLabs are working on integrating Symfony into
the Azure Website gallery in an effort to simplify the deployment of Symfony
applications and provide a complete offer to satisfy various company's target
Simply put, this cookbook illustrates how to deploy a very simple **Symfony2
Standard Edition** web application. You can easily download a copy of the
Symfony Standard Edition on the `downloads`_ page. Also, this cookbook assumes

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