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Site::Pages::* are now legit classes is now inherited by Site::Pages::*
The Dispatcher has been modified to handle this new method.

The Dispatcher should get more options for routing a request,
how to best handle the logic is still being considered.  In
the interim test =>, failcall => and pass => have been removed.
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What Is Kona

Kona is a wiki written in Perl based on DBIx::Class, Plack::Request, with a bit of my own magic tossed in. Its primary reason for existing is split between wanting to make something generic like a wiki in this type of an environment and my dissatisfaction in current wiki products.


Its name got based on this conversation:

<SymKat>  Name my project, what do I call a wiki?
<Friend>  Kona.
<SymKat>  After the coffee?
<Friend>  Yes, Hawaiian, wiki, hula hula.
<SymKat>  I think you have won.



  • PostgreSQL
  • lighttpd
  • Perl

CPAN Modules

  • local::lib
  • strictures
  • indirect
  • Template
  • Text::MultiMarkdown
  • DBIx::Class
  • DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader
  • DBIx::Class::TimeStamp
  • DBD::Pg
  • Plack
  • DateTime
  • DateTime::Format::Pg
  • File::MMagic
  • FCGI::ProcManager


  1. Install depedencies. To install the CPAN Modules, I recommend cpanminus.
  2. Configure PostgreSQL:
    1. Create a user and database.
    2. Import conf/sql/schema-*.sql;
    3. Edit configuration in conf/development.yaml to include authentication credentials.
  3. Configure lighttpd based on the configuration file conf/lighttpd.conf
  4. Run the app via command: plackup -s FCGI -l dispatch.fcgi



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