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A utility library for serializing hashed passwords with its salt using argon2id
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argon2id - A utility for hashing passwords using argon2id

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This library provides some additional functionality around in order to provide a mechanism for serializing the hashed password with its salt and inputs and then a method for comparing a password against this serialized hash.

Getting Started

$ go get -u


// using sane defaults
hashedPassword, err := argon2id.DefaultHashPassword(password)
// $argon2id19$1,65536,4$366MYd8GMqu7TA1pkpzivA$CpSlS4AFCi9byh6RYPzzSMBF4ZPyKSYfT7ITzPQYLjE

// using custom input parameters
hashedPassword, err := argon2id.HashPassword(password, 1, 64*1024, 4, 32)


err := argon2id.Compare(hashedPassword, password)
if err == nil {
    // passwords match
} else {
    // passwords do not match

Command Line Tool

There's also a command line tool that can be installed:

$ go install

Then you can run it to generate hashes and compare hashes.

$ argon2id # user is prompted for password
# Password:<input password>
# $argon2id19$1,65536,4$5Z9wtvqXV8lL8J4YNSbmmQ$kn6Q3RZzopEcI1BreQHcVu8Jbc+Ob8XIgHEEnpieixY

$ argon2id -c '$argon2id19$1,65536,4$5Z9wtvqXV8lL8J4YNSbmmQ$kn6Q3RZzopEcI1BreQHcVu8Jbc+Ob8XIgHEEnpieixY'
# Password:<input password>
# OK - password matches hashed password

$ argon2id -c '$argon2id19$1,65536,4$5Z9wtvqXV8lL8J4YNSbmmQ$kn6Q3RZzopEcI1BreQHcVu8Jbc+Ob8XIgHEEnpieixY'
# Password:<input bad password>
# synacor/argon2id: hashedPassword is not the hash of the given password

For more information, see the help

$ argon2id -h
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