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macOS on DELL M3800 and XPS15 (9530)

This project targets at giving the relatively complete functional macOS for both Dell Precision M3800 and XPS15 9530. Before you start, there's a brief introduction of how to finish powering up macOS on your laptop:

  1. Create a vanilla installation disk(removable disk).
  2. Install Clover with UEFI only and UEFI64Drivers to the installation disk just created.
  3. Replace the origin Clover folder with the one under my Git/M3800/CLOVER.
  4. Patch bios to unlock bios menu.
  5. BIOS settings:
    CPU Configuration/CFG Lock = Disabled
    CPU Configuration/LakeTiny Feature = Enabled

    SATA Operation = AHCI 

    PCH-IO Configuration/XHCI Mode = Smart Auto

    System Agent (SA) Configuration/Graphics Configuration:
        Aperture Size = 512MB
        DVMT Pre-Allocated = 160MB
        DVMT Total Gfx Mem = MAX
NOTE: Once you modify your settings in BIOS(especially Graphics Configuration in SA), you have to remove previous ACPI tables first, redump ACPI tables by press Fn+F4/F4 under Clover, and run again to patch your ACPI tables again.
  1. Install macOS.
  2. Once you finish installation of OS X, you can do the following steps to finish the post installation of OS X.

How to use

Download the latest version installation package/directory by entering the following command in a terminal window:

git clone

This will download the whole installation directory to your current directory(./) and the next step is to change the permissions of the file (add +x) so that it can be run.

cd M3800
chmod +x ./

Run the script in a terminal windows by(Note: You should dump the ACPI tables by pressing F4/Fn+F4 under Clover first and then execute the following command lines):


Reboot your OS X to see the change. If you have any problem about the script, try to run deploy in DEBUG mode by

./ -d


  • VoodooPS2Controller is recommended on macOS Sierra(10.12+)
  • AppleSmartTouchPad users(recommend on 10.11-): for two finger scrolling you need to change the speed of the Scrolling once to get it work and also have to enable them in Trackpad preferences.


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