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Syscoin Release Notes

This is a non-mandatory update for existing Syscoin 3 users. It is highly recommended because of the optimizations, especially for masternodes to leverage the extra throughput it provides for features such as Z-DAG.

If you haven't done so please update your sentinel if you are a masternode operator.

See this post if you are a Masternode operator: https://medium.com/p/572576c7163f

Please read this blog post for information regarding this release and steps to upgrade from Syscoin 2: https://medium.com/p/d0708d146315

Note: Please upgrade from 3.0.0 if you have used salvagewallet to upgrade from Syscoin 2.x, your wallet is unstable and may end up encountering the unlock wallet bug #177


  1. RPC calls to dump syscoin db's for auditing purposes (#216)
  2. Support working with asset tokens, airdrop script support, optimizations for leveldb syscoin database read/writes (#214)
  3. Rename masternode "alias" to "name" (#213)
  4. Get syscoin transaction description (#212)
  5. RPC for listassetallocationtransactions (#211)
  6. Multithreaded mempool (#210)

Note that in order to create your aliases (f you haven't already done so) for the upcoming airdrop you may use the CLI or QT command console. This guide made by willyk may be useful in doing so: https://blockchainfoundryco.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUB/pages/38404136/How+to+Create+Alias+Assets+Syscoin+3.0+UPDATED

Note that to upgrade from Syscoin 2 to Syscoin 3 simply dumpwallet to a file on Syscoin 2 through console or CLI and importwallet on Syscoin 3 CLI or console.