PHP extension allowing native interaction with systemd and its journal
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PHP extension allowing native interaction with systemd and journald


sudo yum install -y php-devel systemd-devel
./configure --with-systemd
sudo make install
echo "" | sudo tee /etc/php.d/systemd.ini
echo "<?php echo sd_journal_send('MESSAGE=hello world');" | php


Quick example:

sd_journal_send('MESSAGE=Hello world.');
sd_journal_send('MESSAGE=Hello, again, world.', 'FIELD2=Greetings!', 'FIELD3=Guten tag.');
sd_journal_send('ARBITRARY=anything', 'FIELD3=Greetings!');


  • Each argument must be in the form of a KEY=value pair, environmental variable style.
  • Unlike the native C version of journald's sd_journal_send(), printf-style substitution is not supported. Perform any substitution using PHP's sprintf() or similar capabilities first.
  • The base message is usually sent in the form MESSAGE=hello. The MESSAGE field is, however, not required.
  • Invalid arguments result in nothing recorded in the journal.

Viewing Output

Quick way to view output with all fields as it comes in:

sudo journalctl -f --output=json