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Code And Talk

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List of tech conferences, podcasts, videos, and people:

For more details on CONTRIBUTING visit the respective files:







virtualenv venv -p python3
source venv/bin/activate
pip install --editable .

Running unit tests

$ pytest
CAT_TEST=test_data/1 ./bin/

Generate web site (and check format)

$ python3 bin/

The file generate.log will contain the log generated by the process.

Development server FLASK_DEBUG=1 flask run --host --port 5000


Site layout


Other sources


After watching videos, they might be promoted via various channels.

Some Advice to Conference organizers

Just a few random thoughts as I index the videos and the conferences.

  • If you record lightning talks, split them up into individual videos. That allows people to watch one short video while at work.

  • Include the names of the speakers in the filenames.

  • Keep the web site of the previous editions of your event, or at least keep the list of talks and list of people.

  • The best would be to have well-defined URLs. Some conferences have subdomains per year: Other have them in subdirectory: Both are good. The best if the main page only redirects to the current event or holds some content, but each event has its own subsite. Make sure every page of the earlier events has a prominent link at the top linking to the home page of the conference (which can then redirect to the current or upcoming event).

  • On the speaker page include the Twitter and GitHub IDs of each speaker.

  • Seems like a nice way to collect questions and get the audience vote for them.

Ideas for Conferences and other events

Process with command line Git client

git clone

It will clone (copy) the whole repository from your GitHub homedirectory.


git remote add upstream

Now you can edit the files in the data directory and add more files you need.

If you'd like to check if the files work well together type in

python bin/

Instruction on Windows

  • Install Python 3.x.x from

  • While installing, look out for an option to install Python in the path, and select it. Don't worry if you missed it, instructions follow for how to install Python in the path afterwards.

  • Open the command window (Start/Run PowerShell)

  • Type in python --version to check if the installation worked as expected. It should say something like "Python 3.5.2" If it says Python is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" then you need to configure the PATH environment variable to include the directory of python.exe One way is to enter the following in the command prompt: just replace 'gabor' with your username: set PATH=C:\Users\gabor\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35-32\;%PATH% Then try python --version again.

  • Type in pip install jinja2 flask pyquery

  • cd to the directory

  • Type python bin/ If there is an error in the files, it will complain.

  • If everything works fine the web site is generated in the html/ directory.

  • Here are the commands to get started on PowerShell:

    flask run --host --port 5000
  • Go to your browser and visit The updated site should be there.