Minimalistic prettier runner for more performant Atom startup
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⚠️ Alpha status: Might introduce breaking changes until I set this stable(or remove this warning).

Minimalistic prettier runner for AtomEditor

  • Small overhead on Atom startup with less feature(E.g. no eslint integration for now)
  • prettierOptions are directly passed to prettier, you need configure it directly in your config.cson, mprettier does nothing for prettierOptions.
  • Trying to being as explicit as possible in behavior/code/configuration parameters.

If this package is not for you, use prettier-atom which is basically better than this package.


How to use?

  • Invoke mprettier:format(ctrl-alt-f) on text editor.
  • If you have trouble, execute mprettier:clip-debug-info.
    • This command clip debug info into clipboard
    • Paste it to buffer then observe it by yourself before opening issue.

Config example


      bracketSpacing: false
      jsxBracketSameLine: true
      printWidth: 120
      semi: false
      trailingComma: "es5"


  • determine parser to use from language grammar
  • ignore file, scope?
  • ignore parser formatOnSave only and both formatOnSave + manual execution respectively
  • detect user's prettier config by prettier.resolveConfig
  • make prettier path configurable? flexibility which global/local prettier to use
  • support embedded code block
  • format on save


Thanks for creating super great library and tools, this package is greatly owning to following projects.