Arabic Handwritten Characters Recognition using Deeplearning4j
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Arabic Handwritten Characters Recognition

In this repository, I implemented a proposed CNN in the paper "Arabic Handwritten Characters Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network" by El-Sawy, A., Loey, M., & Hazem, E. B. using Deeplearning4jlibrary.

This repository contains:

  • ( to train the model with dataset - I provided it in dataset folder- and serialize the generated model to file ( With existing network parameters, this model give a 92.29% Accuracy. You can tune these parameters to get a better accuracy.
  • The class is provided to test the generated model and using samples in (test_images) folder.
  • I also provided a GUI application (ArabicCharactersRecognition.jar) in recogniser_executable folder to test the generated model and it gives the best three scores for the input character.


  • It would take time to train the model. For me, with 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 on macOS, it takes nearly 1 hour (without GPU support).
  • For Ubuntu (Linux) users use this commend "java -jar ArabicCharactersRecognition.jar " to run ArabicCharactersRecognition.jar from the terminal, for windows no need to do that, just double click on the jar file.

For more info

Test video


To run a maven project see this video