Some helpers to write functional tests against an Nginx server
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This project provides some helpers to write functional tests against an Nginx server.


The main motivation is to test Nginx/Lua scripts in an OpenResty environment. There's a Perl project to do this called Test::Nginx which is based on a light DSL to write the tests.

But I like writing plain Python tests better, especially since I can use WebTest to deal with all the calls against the Nginx server.

The NginxServer class

This project provides a class to drive an Nginx server. The class has two main method to start and stop a local Nginx server and takes care of the gory details.

When initialized, the class creates an Nginx configuration on the fly given a few options, and runs an Nginx server in a child process in a fresh directory.

Once the server is started, the stdout, stderr and access/errors logs are intercepted by the class so they can be asserted in the tests. The stop method kills the server.

Example of usage with WebTest:

import unittest2
from webtest import TestApp
from nginxtest.server import NginxServer

class TestMyNginx(unittest2.TestCase):

    def setUp(self):
        self.nginx = NginxServer()
        self.nginx.start() = TestApp(self.nginx.root_url)

    def tearDown(self):

    def testHello(self):
        resp ='/')
        self.assertEqual(resp.status_int, 200)
        self.assertTrue('Welcome to nginx!' in resp.body)


This project is very limited compared to Test::Nginx.

Stuff I'd like to add at some point:

  • Lua test coverage
  • XXX