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Tartiflette plugin providing common scalars, for data validation and strongly typed API schemas.


Python >= 3.6 Tartiflette >= 1.0.0


Simply install it with pip:

pip install tartiflette-plugin-scalars

Then start coding, by importing adding it to the modules list of tartiflette's create engine:

import asyncio
import datetime

from tartiflette import Resolver, create_engine

async def main():
    sdl = """
    type Query {
      dateTime: DateTime

    @Resolver("Query.dateTime", schema_name="scalars")
    async def resolve_date_time(*_args, **_kwargs):
        return datetime.datetime(2019, 10, 29, 20, 23, 00, 00)

    engine = await create_engine(
                "name": "tartiflette_plugin_scalars",
                "config": {"datetime": {"enabled": True}}

    print(await engine.execute("query date { dateTime }"))


You can configure the plugin by passing a configuration dict during create_engine. This configuration can be used to disable or rename some scalars, as shown below:

engine = await create_engine(
            "name": "tartiflette_plugin_scalars",
            "config": {
                "datetime": {"name": "MyDatetime"},
                "postal_code": {"enabled": False},

Some plugins also accept more specific configuration values, that can be specified in a sub-dict called options. The options will be passed to the scalar at instanciation time as **kwargs to the init() method.

engine = await create_engine(
            "name": "tartiflette_plugin_scalars",
            "config": {
                "datetime": {"name": "MyDatetime"},
                "postal_code": {"enabled": False, "options": {"key": "value"}},

Implemented scalars:

Name Configuration key Description
EmailAddress email_address Represents an email addresses
DateTime datetime Represents an optionally naive datetime object
NaiveDateTime naive_datetime Represents a non naive datetime object
Duration duration Represents a timedelta object
NegativeFloat negative_float Represents a negative floating point number
NegativeInt negative_int Represents a negative integer
NonNegativeFloat non_negative_float Represents a positive or 0 floating point number
NonNegativeInt non_negative_int Represents a positive or 0 integer
PositiveFloat positive_float Represents a positive floating point number
PositiveInt positive_int Represents a positive integer
NonPositiveFloat non_positive_float Represents a negative or 0 floating point number
NonPositiveInt non_positive_int Represents a negative or 0 integer
Long long Represents integers between 0 and 2^63
BigInt big_int Represents arbitrary length integers
UnsignedInt unsigned_int Represents integers between 0 and 2^32
PhoneNumber phone_number Represents a phone number
PostalCode postal_code Represents a postal code
URL url Represents an Uniform Resource Locator
GUID guid Represents a Globally Unique IDentifier
HexColorCode hex_color_code Hexadecimal representation of a color
HSL hsl Hue, Saturation and Lightness of a color
HSLA hsla Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Alpha of a color
RGB rgb Red, Green, Blue of a color
RGBA rgba Red, Green, Blue and Alpha of a color
IPv4 ipv4 Represents an Internet Protocol version 4 address
IPv6 ipv6 Represents an Internet Protocol version 6 address
MAC mac Represents a Media Access Control address
ISBN isbn Represents an International Standard Book Number
Port port Represents a TCP / UDP port
USCurrency us_currency Represents an amount of USD
JSON json Represents a JSON value
JSONObject json_object Represents a JSON object
GeoJSON geo_json Represents a GeoJSON value
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