logging BGP activity using exabgp
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logging BGP activity as JSON to couchdb using exabgp

This is the Open Source repository for a tool written as part of a talk for BSidesWpg.


This tool uses exabgp in the backend to BGP peer with multiple AS numbers. I am using 1 exabgp process per peer, per protocol (so v4 and v6 would be 2 processes).

pip install exabgp

If you've never run exabgp it will ask you to run the following, you may need to prepend the command with sudo.

exabgp --fi > /usr/local/etc/exabgp/exabgp.env


In the exabgp directory are sample v4 and v6 configuration files, as well as bash scripts to start daemonized exabgp processes for each. Exabgp will then call bin/routes.sh and log each BGP update to a local couchdb server. routes.sh can be copied/modified to log to a per-peer database insead of a common one, and then couchdb replication used to combine all updates into one common database, keeping the original per-peer updates still separate.