A tiny(-ish) bash script to help with your day to day virtualenv needs
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Run python inside a virtualenv without the fuzz.

vpython is a tiny helper script for running your python files inside virtualenv.

You don't have to worry about sourcing the activate script,
you don't have to point to your virtualenv path,
just use vpython instead of python.

I did a post on this tool on my blog: http://tudb.org/articles/2014/03/31/vpython/


Vpython looks at the path of the script you are trying to run, and searches for a suiable virtualenv folder. If it finds one, it will tell you on stderr, set the environment variables as needed (just like the activate script), and use the python binary inside that environment to run your script.

It even resolves symlinks before it starts looking, so you can symlink your executable python script to anywhere. Vpython will still look for the virtualenv in the actual scripts folder and parent folders.

Really useful if you write a lot of command line utilities in python, with a bunch of dependencies that you don't want to install globally.


With install script

  1. Clone this repository to your prefered folder (mine is ~/src/<project>)
  2. go to your new directory and run install.sh
  3. You're done!


  1. Copy (or symlink) the vpython.sh to somewhere on your path, like /usr/bin/vpython.
  2. Do the same with vpip.sh
  3. You're done!


Run it like you would with python:

$ vpython my_script.py

Or use it in a script's shebang:


print "hello world"