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hcholmod is a minimal Haskell Foreign Function Interface (FFI) binding to CHOLMOD, supernodal sparse Cholesky factorization and update/downdate.

To compile

To compile and run it, you need to first get the Haskell platform, either from your package manager (e.g., apt-get install haskell-platform), or from

You will also have to download and build CHOLMOD. hcholmod was built against CHOLMOD 2.1.2. It may be easier to get all of the dependencies by downloading and buiding SuiteSparse. hcholmod was built against SuiteSparse 4.2.1.

Then do the following in your shell:

$ git clone git://
$ cd hcholmod
$ cabal configure
$ cabal build
$ cabal install --user

So far, there is only one example.

Note that hcholmod has an MIT license but CHOLMOD has a GPL 2 license.