Snabbdom class module with support for delayed/on-remove class updates
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Replacement module for Snabbdom's core class module. It is backwards-compatible with the existing module, but adds functionality for delaying class updates and updating classes before removing elements, similar to the core style module. These capabilities are useful for constructing animations using CSS classes/stylesheets, instead of inline styles.


Install package: npm install --save snabbdom-delayed-class

Import/require snabbdom-delayed-class and pass it to snabbdom.init() instead of the core class module:

import snabbdom from 'snabbdom';
import snabbDelayedClass from 'snabbdom-delayed-class';

const patch = snabbdom.init([
  // other modules

Delayed classes

Classes under delayed are not changed until the next frame:

h('div', {class: {
  fadedout: true,
  delayed: {fadedout: false},
}, 'Fading in');

Set classes on remove/destroy

Class changes under remove are applied when the element is about to be removed from the DOM. The delayRemove property specifies the number of milliseconds to wait before removing the element (to permit any CSS transitions or animations to finish):

h('div', {class: {
  fadedout: false,
  remove: {fadedout: true, delayRemove: 300},
}, 'Fading out');

The destroy property works similarly but has no delayRemove property; it is assumed that removal delay will be managed by the ancestor node whose removal caused the destroy call on descendents.

Local development

  • npm install
  • npm test