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Bit is the platform for the modular web. Join 200,000+ developers to build and ship modular web apps together, in a fast and scalable way.

đź‘‹ Welcome to Bit

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We are Team Bit

We build the open source that help people build composable software and the cloud platform that helps teams and enterprises build at increasing pace.

We build everything in components, frontend and backend alike. You can find all our components and see how we build on our cloud.

This is our official GitHub organization. We aim to open-source as much we can, and thanks to the highly extendible nature of Bit, make it easy for every developer to contribute or make Bit their own. You can see how we build Bit and Bit Cloud in components on our official Bit Cloud organization.

Start building components

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  1. bit bit Public

    A build system for development of composable software.

    TypeScript 17.5k 901

  2. bit-angular bit-angular Public

    Angular support for bit harmony

    TypeScript 28 3


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