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Sunzi Recipes

Sunzi is a server provisioning tool for minimalists.

This repository is a public source for my Sunzi recipes, templates and config.

How to Use

Add sunzi to your app and run bundle install. Generate the sunzi directories with the sunzi create command. Then copy over my sunzi.yml and whatever templates you need. If you're not sure which templates to grab, just download them all. Then run sunzi deploy and watch the magic.


Many of the recipes reference files. I've added the templates that I use. Note that some of these use string replacement that is only enabled in my fork of sunzi. You can find my fork at

In the future, I want to add another patch to Sunzi so that it grabs the template files from a remote host (like this repo or a gist).


While Sunzi has support for creating Linode VMs, I prefer to use EC2. I've created a Rakefile that uses Fog to create an EC2 instance and then passes off to Sunzi to do the provisioning. I've uploaded my Rakefile as a gist at